A healthy disregard for the impossible

Alexis Bonte investeste din nou in Internetul romanesc, de data asta in Tjobs.ro

Intr-un post pe blogul personal (care merita citit cap-coada) Alexis Bonte, propriul nostru crocodile Francais :) , enumera cateva din motivele pentru care a investit in Internetul din Romania . O sa gasiti si cateva sfaturi utile printre care as enumera “You can’t learn to become an entrepreneur in a big structure where your company is just a project of a larger group where you don’t hold equity. The moment you make that move you are an employee, not an entrepreneur.” sau “In Romania, a lot more value is going to be transferred from the offline world to the online world than most people think particularly but not only for advertising and e-commerce. One simply has to look at what has happened in western countries.”

Stirea zilei e totusi noua sa investitie pe care a facut-o in Tjobs.ro pas despre care Alexis spune ca marcheaza o noua etapa: the emergence of real angel investing in the Romanian online market.

Mult succes, Alexis si Tjobs!

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